Microsoft Excel ribbon is located at the top with a row of tabs and icons in the Excel window that allows users to find quickly and easily, understand and use commands for completing particular tasks. It looks like a kind of complex toolbar, which actually called Ribbon.

The ribbon was firstly introduced in Excel 2007, replacing the traditional tool-bars & drop-down menus found in previous versions. In Microsoft Excel 2010, added the ability to personalize the ribbon.

The ribbon in Excel is made up of four basic components: tabs, groups, dialog launchers, command buttons, etc.

See how ribbon looks like :

  • Ribbon tab which i s contains multiple commands logically sub-divided into groups.
  • Ribbon group which is a set of closely related commands normally performed as part of a larger task to find easy at same place. which is found in every tabs with relevant commands.
  • Command button, Which is the button you click to perform a relevant action/tasks. You may found it at every tabs with different symbols.
  • Dialog launcher which is used to expand relevant commands, its found small arrow in the lower-right corner of a group that brings up more related commands.


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