Learn =ARABIC() Function – How to use with Examples

Function: The ARABIC function in Excel is used to convert a Roman numeral to its equivalent Arabic number.

How to use ARABIC Function in Excel Formula?:

The ARABIC function is particularly useful when working with historical data or legal documents that may use Roman numerals instead of Arabic numerals. It allows for easy conversion of Roman numerals to their corresponding Arabic numbers, making it easier to perform calculations and analysis on the data.

How to use: To use the ARABIC function, simply enter the Roman numeral as a text string in the formula, as follows: =ARABIC(roman_numeral). The function will return the equivalent Arabic number.

Example of ARABIC function:

  1. =ARABIC("III") returns 3.
  2. =ARABIC("VII") returns 7.
  3. =ARABIC("XVIII") returns 18.
  4. =ARABIC("MCMXCVIII") returns 1998.
  5. =ARABIC("CDXLIV") returns 444.
  6. =ARABIC("MCMLXXVII") returns 1977.
  7. =ARABIC("MMXIX") returns 2019.
  8. =ARABIC("XXXIX") returns 39.
  9. =ARABIC("DCCXCVIII") returns 798.
  10. =ARABIC("CMXCIX") returns 999.

List of similar ARABIC functions:

  1. ROMAN: Converts a number to its equivalent Roman numeral.
  2. DEC2ROMAN: Converts a decimal number to its equivalent Roman numeral.
  3. ARABICUPPER: Converts a Roman numeral to its equivalent Arabic number in uppercase letters.
  4. ROMANUPPER: Converts a number to its equivalent Roman numeral in uppercase letters.
  5. DECIMAL: Converts a text representation of a number in a specific base to a decimal number.


What is the maximum value that can be converted using the ARABIC function?

The ARABIC function can convert Roman numerals up to 3999

Can the ARABIC function handle lowercase Roman numerals?

No, the ARABIC function only works with uppercase Roman numerals.

What happens if the input to the ARABIC function is not a valid Roman numeral?

The function returns a #VALUE! error

Is there a limit to the number of times a specific Roman numeral can be repeated?

Yes, the letters I, X, and C can only be repeated three times in a row, while the letter M can be repeated up to four times.

Can the ARABIC function handle subtractive notation in Roman numerals?

Yes, the ARABIC function can handle subtractive notation, where a smaller numeral is placed before a larger numeral to indicate subtraction.

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